Time Lapse Photography

The Energy+Notion project combines three dimensional portraiture, archive imagery (placed in a 3-d space) with time lapse photography sequences to create a digital installation made entirely from still photographs.

Whilst the 3-D portraiture suspend time, the time lapse clips compress time.

Photographer, Richard Jones, has been experimenting with documentary time-lapse photography to show metropolitan rush hours in London, Paris, and below, Tokyo (where Richard lived for 6 years).

A substantial portion of The Energy+Notion project involves seeking relevant and striking locations in Wales that clearly illustrate our changing energy environment.

Some of these locations are old colliery sites others are slag heaps.

Other locations include power stations, solar, wind and tidal energy locations.

Several hundred thousand (100,000’s) individual images are taken in order to create the many clips that are used in the project.

Below is a time-lapse sequence taken at a solar farm that belongs to a Welsh sheep farmer.