Energy and Notion

The Energy and Notion project tells the story of energy in Wales.  Wales was considered the world’s first industrialized nation in the 19th century.

Mining coal employed 230,000 men.

Energy continues to have a profound effect upon the physical and social landscape in Wales.

The aim of the Energy and Notion project is to inform, educate and inspire conversations with-in society, and engage with communities, using an innovative audio-visual style.

See installation below:


The project engages with many communities from different social groups.

The Energy and Notion project was conceived, produced and photographed by Richard Jones in collaboration with the Arts Council of Wales.

Some project sponsorship kindly provided by Vattenfall


Richard Jones, photographer, energy+notion
Richard Jones, photographer, Energy+Notion

Additional editing and digital assistance by Chieko

Technical and video consultation by Andy Mees

Additional partners and consultants;  Professor Nick Jenkins; School of Engineering (energy) Cardiff University, Dr Martin O’Neil – Cardiff University, David Chamberlain & Sharon Casey,  Blackwood Miners Institute, Angie Dickenson – Area Artistic Manager for Neath & Port Albot Theatres, Anne Hayes – Arts Development Officer for Rhondda Cynon Taff and Helen Harman – Arts Development Officer at Newbridge Memo.



The pilot film for energy+Notion  “The Changing Industrial Landscape of Wales” can be seen here: