From The Western Mail:

“Photographer Richard Jones’  “Energy+Notion” project tells the story of energy in Wales, from the remnants of coal mining that shaped it’s towns and landscapes to the new wind farms springing up where the the mines once stood. The project was conceived in collaboration with he Arts Council of Wales.

The audio visual project mixes interviews, three-dimensional portraits and time lapse landscapes. A 12-minute digital installation and photo exhibit has been produced.

The story of change is told by the people affected in the past and present – port communities, farmers and ex-coal workers and those involved in renewable energy projects.

It’s at the Blackwood Miners Institute in conjunction with “Coal” on Thursday, November 24th And Friday 25th November, before moving to the Parc & Dare, Treorchy and the Aberdare Coliseum in the New Year.”



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